Vampires vs. Werewolves

Vampires stories were never new to the world of literature, they were only better. Find here a short extract from Eva Marie Ginsberg’s captivating short story The Village Vampire published in Artful Dodge 44/45. To read the rest of this story and more, visit our website:

The Village Vampire by Eva Marie Ginsberg

“They buried him the next day. The week of mourning wasn’t even over before Yocheved Davidov, the butcher’s daughter who it so happens is uncannily beautiful, woke saying she had dreamed Yossl was at her window, knocking, trying to get in, that he was very white and had sharp teeth, but that when she rose to look out at him he averted his eyes to avoid seeing her in a state of undress; then she reported having the dream again, and then began to think it wasn’t a dream after all, but a real demon there at her window, and a week later her friend Rivka reported the same thing, after which the village suffered a plague of bats, and a young wife named Malkah Libba told of waking to find Yossl leaning over her bed but said he’d gone away when she announced she was unclean. Thus, while you might imagine that in a place like Ankavitch such reports would go ignored, seeming to be only further outbreaks of lunacy, the village began to grow fearful because, as my mother was always quick to point out, insanity is one thing, but demons are a different story altogether….”


Yours truly,
Ananya Shrestha,
Asst. Editor,
Artful Dodge.


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