Poetry: Beauty in Words

Lazy about Writing Poems
by Tony Barnstone,Willis Barnstone, Xu Haixin

With time I become lazy about writing poems.

Now my only company is old age.

In an earlier life I was a poet, a mistake,

and my former body belonged to a painter.

I can’t abandon the habits of that life

and sometimes am recognized by people  of this world.

My name and pseudonym speak of my former being

but about all this my heart is ignorant.

             The above poem was translated from the Chinese by Tony Barnstone, Willis Barnstone, and Xu Haixin, and appeared in Artful Dodge 14/15 © as “Poems of Wang Wei.” Edgar Allan Poe believed that poetry “is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words” and poems, whether in Chinese, English, or any other tongue have the power to create a beauty that being of words, is still, beyond words. On behalf of the entire Artful Dodge team then,


Ananya Shrestha,
Asst. Editor,
Artful Dodge.

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