Lady Pistilstamens in the Fall

Summer’s long gone and here in Wooster, Ohio at least, with every passing day, Fall is turning more and more into a welcome song for winter. Of course, there’s beauty and inspiration to be found just as much in the falling snow and browning leaves as in Spring’s pretty little flowers but I (Ananya Shrestha, Asst. Editor) for one, definitely prefer the sun. From Artful Dodge 48/49 then, in fond memory of the spring, we have here one of Jeanne Larsen’s poems from Translating Flowers That Don’t Have Names: The Poems of Lady Pistilstamens in Tenth-Century China” that talks a lot more than nice weatherHappy reading and stay warm, though!

Lady Pistilstamens


Spring’s first day! An offering:

            these inner garden flowers,

each blossom’s tender pollen-parts

“Harem Slave Girl and Flower” from©
Image selected from the internet by Ananya Shrestha, Asst. Editor

            a fragile dawn-cloud pink.

Kneel with them on jade-white steps

            studded still with dew—

at once, His Majesty orders, Give them

            to that pretty harem girl.


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  1. Wonderful blog post. Could you direct me to more of
    your blog posts??

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