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A World of Words

If you know me well, or at all, or even from the title of this blog, you can tell that I’m a logophile. What’s a logophile, you ask? Why, it’s a very rarely used word for a person who loves words! I’m also a bibliophile, an ailurophile, and occasional Anglophile, but that’s not important at the moment. This blog post is simply here to serve as a brief (if anything I write is ever brief) introduction to ‘A World of Words.’ So…here goes!

‘A World of Words’ is (one of) my very unoriginally titled WordPress blogs and also happens to be what my Tumblr is called. It is however, almost entirely dedicated towards recording my internship experiences. As of today, June 27 of 2014, I’m working as a publishing intern for Nicholas Brealey Publishing in Boston, MA and thus, the next (at least) eight blogposts will be about my work…

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About artfuldodgewooster

Ohio based literary magazine, now over twenty years old, still in print, and gradually spreading across the digital world. Official Website: artfuldodge.sites.wooster.edu
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