I am an Ostrich

The very first issue of Artful Dodge was published in January 1979 by our beloved editor-in-chief Daniel Bourne in Bloomington, Indiana and during my first summer as his editorial assistant, I was not only given the responsibility to digitally archive all of our back issues but also the rare privilege of handling the original first copy of the literary magazine. Today, as I sit in my living room slightly nostalgic about Wooster and my first semester working on the magazine, I bring to you one of my favorite of Dodge poems, penned by Gene Carr, as it appeared in Artful Dodge Vol. 1 Issue 1:

In the World of Birds I am an Ostrich  

In the world of birds I am an ostrich.
I amble about sluggishly as if weighted
Bound to the earth,
While all others float along
On the gentle breeze.

But when the clouds of Love and Hate
do pass over our world,
the others slow, become heavy,
and sink to the earth
While I rise! And am Transformed!

Let all beware! For now I am
A golden hawk and my love knows
no limits, my hate knows no bounds.

I am light, I am quick, I
swing, I dive, I find my love
and in that moment my love
that of any other…

Lighting strikes! and I
Burn with hate!
I drop
on my victim,
Sink my talons into his heart
and crop him,
to the earth.

Then, as the sun burns through
the clouds and all others
rise to its warmth
I slowly, sink,
until once again
I am an ostrich that
ambles sluggishly about.

To read more beautiful poetry and prose, visit our website at artfuldodge.sites.wooster.edu. Or better yet, order your own copy! Back issues are $5, current issues are $10, and we are able to supply you with electronic or physical copies of all.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Ananya Shrestha,
Asst. Editor

About artfuldodgewooster

Ohio based literary magazine, now over twenty years old, still in print, and gradually spreading across the digital world. Official Website: artfuldodge.sites.wooster.edu
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