Fact, Fiction, or Photographs?

I realized it’s been a while since I posted anything from Artful Dodge‘s graphic arts section and so, as I was leafing through some back issues trying to rectify the situation, I came across this intriguing set of photograph-story collaborations. Published as Graphica in issue 24/ 25, the spread combines stories with photographs and by extension, fact with fiction. Gregory Spaid, creator of this project entitled “Anything You Want To Be: Appropriated Photos/ Text Pieces,” explains in his introduction how he spent hours looking at his childhood pictures, ultimately confirming that “photographs do not stay the same; they change because they change.” In the following pieces then (click for larger) you will find illustrated:

The photograph is the fact. It happened. The fiction is the story. It didn’t happen. But then, every piece of fiction is at least somewhat not fiction. And every work of non-fiction is at least somewhat fabrication. (Gregory Spaid, Artful Dodge 24/25)

Copyright: Artful Dodge

Copyright: Artful Dodge

Copyright: Artful Dodge

Copyright: Artful Dodge

Copyright: Artful Dodge

Copyright: Artful Dodge

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Ananya Shrestha,
Asst. Editor


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