That village that on maps, is nothing but empty space…

At Artful Dodge, we love celebrating the places we’ve come from, the places we’ve been to, and the places that have made us who we are. Almost all of the work we publish carry in them this “sense of place,” as our editor, Prof. Daniel Bourne likes to call it, but we also have separate sections sometimes, just to emphasize how important the theme is to us. In issue 36/ 37, we featured a series of poems alongside our usual selection of “Poets as Translators.” They were published as “Poets as Expats” and History, written by Georgia Scott, just happens to be one of those many beautiful verses:

Copyright: Marji,

Copyright: Marji,


Rye colored sky. A confetti of slim white birds.
The family of potato pickers, eyes on the ground, move
through swells of dust and sun
leaving the cow chained to the grass
beside the road, a cart horse like a shop girl
droops its head, chewing slow,
the Virgin in an arch of multicolored bulbs
awaits in the shadows for the evening to come on
a police car watches from the trees
something bleeding on the road
the mother pulls the child closer
in the bus shelter, the couple press
together like an envelope without glue
a pond glistens
dogs bark from the village
signs like mushrooms appear
offering forks, beds, crosses on fire
the last to mark the massacre
in the woods outside
that village that on maps
is nothing but empty space.

Happy reading!

Ananya Shrestha,
Asst. editor.


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