The Little Things

We often overlook the small things in life: the dust in the corner or on top of the bookshelf, the bugs right before they bite. It is only when the small things become a nuisance that we decide to take a look or give a listen. But there is more to life than what we see immediately, and it is humbling to examine the lives around us, no matter how small they seem to be. Perhaps the ants and spiders, the gnats and the “crickety-looking thing” all deserve a deeper consideration.

The Artful Dodge loves ruminations on place, the environment, people, and yes, the little things. One such example of this care to the detail and ‘small life’ is Dan Stryk’s poem “Witness.” Here, we have a link to his reading of this poem, supplemented by paintings and drawings by his wife, Suzanne.


Happy listening!

autumn smith, Asst. Editor


All images © Suzanne Stryk



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