Announcing Online Submissions!

Well, look at that: Artful Dodge has not only finally published its long-delayed 52/53, but is now taking online submissions!

September 1st to November 30th will be Artful Dodge’s first-ever open online submission period.

We know it has been a long time coming, but you’ve been patient this far and finally—finally we can see the shore on the horizon! We hope that this upgrade will speed up our reviewing process; however, as our team is still small and largely composed of volunteer readers, it may take us a while to read through all of the submissions. If you do give us the privilege of perusing your manuscript, please allow 6 months before sending us an inquiry about the status of your work.

In its many years of maneuvering the literary depths, Artful Dodge has published writers such as Denise Duhamel, Jeff Gundy, Tess Gallagher, John Kinsella, Nin Andrews, William S. Burroughs, and many others. The Dodge also has a history of including interviews of established writers, including most recently with Sharon Olds and Brian Turner in Artful Dodge 52/53, but also including Rita Dove, Tim O’Brien, Gregory Orr, Stuart Dybek, W.S. Merwin, Terry Tempest Williams, Jorge Luis Borges, Czeslaw Milosz, Gwendolyn Brooks, Charles Simic, and many more.   The Dodge also has an ongoing commitment to translation, including its Poets as Translators series showcasing the work of American poets who also see as their life’s work the literary transport of work from other languages into English, including Jay Hopler’s translations of Georg Trakl’s poetry from the German, Khaled Mattawa’s translations of Hatif Janabi and Sa’adi Youssef from the Arabic, and Carolyne Wright’s translations of the Bengali poets Gita Chattopahyay, Debarati Mitra, and Rajlikshmi Devi.

In fact, while we’ve still got your attention, be sure to look through some of our past work we have selected for our website, Or, if you would rather read a copy in full, you can order our current issue, 52/53 for $12 or any back issue for $5. Unfortunately, we have not finished setting up a way for you to order from us online, but don’t fret!—you can get your hands on a copy by sending a check or cash to:


Artful Dodge

English Department

The College of Wooster

1189 Beall Ave

Wooster, OH 44691


Hope to read you soon!

autumn smith

– Editorial Asst.


About artfuldodgewooster

Ohio based literary magazine, now over twenty years old, still in print, and gradually spreading across the digital world. Official Website:
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