The Flood of ’09

It may be in bad form to tell you about the tragedy that struck Artful Dodge a few years ago, but I’m going to anyway because it has shaped my summer at least a little bit. I like to refer to it as ‘The Flood of ’09,’ but I honestly have no idea when exactly the flood happened.

Anyway, among other things, the vast majority of AD 16/17 were consumed by Poseidon, but I want to talk about this issue because I was captured in its pages as soon as I started reading it. Within the first 40 pages I found multiple things that completely grabbed me.  I was especially impressed with the photo series by Kathe Kowalski. I find it difficult to explain an artist’s work better than the artist herself, so here is an excerpt of her thoughts regarding the series:


Many of the images in this series are about what I would call the “underworld,” those ignored by society. Always, they are people who have come into my life, whom I have come to know. I seek to make visible the specialness, the suffering, inside each human being I photograph. The writing has become increasingly poetic, less documentary, relating to the images not as caption, but in a more elusive way. In successful pieces the words and images, which are individually strong, together become a new entity, more than either alone.


I am quite taken with many of these photos, and I have to agree that the words and pictures together have a certain depth that one or the other could not achieve by itself. Just keep in mind that what you see here is not the series in whole—I’ve had to pick and choose for ease of uploading.

AD 16 17 p23 , AD 16 17 p27 , and AD 16 17 p28

While I do hope this series has piqued you interest in the Dodge, I also have to let you know that due to The Flood of ’09, AD 16/17 is not a back issue available for purchase.


And now we bring you the weather:

(Sorry—you’ll have to check it yourself)


—autumn, Editorial Asst.—


Like always…

You can get a dollar off if you order a copy of the Dodge from now until September 1st, when our online submissions platform goes live (we should also have online ordering of issues optimized through Submittable as well). This offer stands for any back issue and our current issue, #52/53 (making back issues $4 and our current issue $11). Just make sure to send in your cash or check with either a note saying “autumn sent me” or a letter in response to one of the hits.

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