It’s Another World


Artful Dodge Vol. 2 No. 2


The Wet Summer—Jared Carter

No one knew why the rain refused to fall all the way to the ground that year. Environmentalists blamed big business. Big business blamed the government. The government blamed the environmentalists. The old folks said it was because people had been walking around on the moon. The water formed a layer that hovered approximately five feet in the air. Grown-ups had to stoop everywhere they went. Children loved to run along jumping up and scooping handfuls of water from the sky.


Writing obviously has to do with words, but good writing creates something that transcends the words themselves. Good writing creates its own reality.

The atmosphere of this ‘fable’ reminds me of the atmosphere of another much more recent Artful Dodge piece. That piece, “Plastination” (Brian Beglin, AD 50/51), is much longer but I feel that these each are quite economical with their words. Each line compounds and helps to create a world that is familiar but undeniably altered from the world we live in. The writers do not allow any room for disbelief—everything that is mentioned is described as if they actually happened. And happened recently, yesterday even.

Regardless of the reality of these impossible things, the events become fact inside their narratives, which allows and commands the reader to suspend their disbelief. Once the impossible thing occurs it is shocking because of its novelty, but can then be immediately accepted as true in the world of that narrative.

I often find myself absorbed in narratives like these because they feel real and I want to investigate the terrain.


In any case, I hope you enjoy this piece as I have, and find yourself exploring a new and foreign landscape.


Ducking out for the weekend,

autumn, Editorial Asst.




            As a thank you for partaking in my efforts to stay sane this summer, I’d like to offer you a discount on all Artful Dodge issues (well, aside from the ones we don’t have, of course). I would be tickled pink if you sent me a letter in response to any of my summer hits along with a check for a Dodge of your choosing. Or, if you’re not the letter-loving rascal I thought you were, then it is just as acceptable to send in a small note saying “autumn sent me.” That, dears, will get you a dollar off any of our issues (that includes our current issue, AD 52/53), making back issues $4 and our current issue $11.
            This offer stands until September 1st, when our online submissions platform goes live, and you can order issues directly through Submittable.

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