Grilling Out

One of the things I’ve enjoyed so far this summer is reading and coming across things that I would have never expected to see. The blessing is this: I come across some pieces that I wouldn’t have written even if I were that monkey sitting at a typewriter indefinitely. My next hit is a poem like this, which I love partially for its abruptness and partially for its scathing self-awareness.

Besides, this poem’s title flows somewhere in the spirit of American summers. A feature from Artful Dodge 50/51: “Hotdog” by Nick Demske.


Wishing you some summer fun

—autumn, Editorial Asst.—


You can get a dollar off if you order a copy of the Dodge from now until September 1st, when our online submissions platform goes live (we should also have online ordering of issues optimized through Submittable as well). This offer stands for any back issue and our current issue, #52/53 (making back issues $4 and our current issue $11). Just make sure to send in your cash or check with either a note saying “autumn sent me” or a letter in response to one of the hits.


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