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Something that I think really makes the Artful Dodge one-of-a-kind is our special care with translations. Translating is a laborious effort, and can often prove unfruitful. However, there are many writers who are dedicated to re-creating the reading experience for literature across languages. Some poems that I recently came across are featured in AD 48/49 and were originally written in Chinese by Lady Huarui, a pseudonym given to a collective of poets who lived during the Tang Dynasty, and translated by Jeanne Larson. I was expecting to find some stiff collection of lines, robbed of melody and stripped of fluid movement, but I was pleasantly surprised by how naturally these poems flowed. They were easy to read and easy to want to read. Although I can’t speak to the exactness of the translations (I don’t speak Chinese, or read it, if you were wondering), I can tell right away that a translation is good if it seamlessly creates the world it portrayed in its original tongue.

There were a few other things in this issue of the Dodge that I found engaging, but I can’t give away all of my secrets in one go.


Until soon,

autumn, Editorial Asst.



As a thank you for partaking in my efforts to stay sane this summer, I’d like to offer you a discount on all Artful Dodge issues (well, aside from the ones we don’t have, of course). I would be tickled pink if you sent me a letter in response to any of my summer hits along with a check for a Dodge of your choosing. Or, if you’re not the letter-loving rascal I thought you were, then it is just as acceptable to send in a small note saying “autumn sent me.” That, dears, will get you a dollar off any of our issues (that includes our current issue, AD 52/53), making back issues $4 and our current issue $11.
This offer stands until September 1st, when our online submissions platform goes live, and you can order issues directly through Submittable.

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