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A lot of literary magazines that I’ve come across have a strong inclusion of writers in the way of interviews. Artful Dodge is no exception: we’ve included authorial interviews ever since the budding days of our pages. I think this dedication to getting to know authors is really important because it invites readers in to what the writers’ lives are actually like. I know I am no stranger to romanticizing other people’s lives, a great flaw of mine, so it is always a nice reminder when I get to hear people talk about their struggles and triumphs, as well as some of the interesting asides that makes each of our lives stand out in some little way.

Most of all, I find it exciting to see that a writer has had a similar experience to my own: it’s comforting to find out that someone so far away from me has somehow shared some incident with me, even if that incidence happened at two different times and in two different places.

I had this kind of experience when reading Sharon Olds’ interview in the newest issue of Artful Dodge (52/53). So, I guess that’s my hit for today. I’ve already talked a bit about Olds’ interview in the announcement for AD 52/53, and I don’t like to unnecessarily repeat myself, so I’ll just direct you to the announcement instead:


Happy reading!

—autumn, Editorial Asst.—


You can get a dollar off if you order a copy of the Dodge from now until September 1st, when our online submissions platform goes live (we should also have online ordering of issues optimized through Submittable as well). This offer stands for any back issue and our current issue, #52/53 (making back issues $4 and our current issue $11). Just make sure to send in your cash or check with either a note saying “autumn sent me” or a letter in response to one of the hits.

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