The End is Near…

It is probably important now more than ever that we share each others’ stories, that we read each others’ poems. Unfortunately, in just a few weeks (on November 30th), we at Artful Dodge are going to have to close our current reading period.


There are so many stories out there…

Stories about walls that keep growing and growing until they fall into rubble.

Stories about climbing down a hole just to see what’s there.

Stories about fairies that tattoo their wings.

Stories about a girl who talks to trees.

Stories about the pet goldfish you never had.

Stories about scaring children like God scares you.

Stories about pressing issues that face today’s youth–like pressing your shirt without setting off the fire alarm.

And your story too.


There are so many poems out there…

Poems about trees that grow towards the center of the Earth.

Poems about fires that don’t burn.

Poems about flowers that toss and turn in their beds.

Poems about raindrops after they scatter into a lake.

Poems about shirts that want to be socks.

Poems about a giraffe that wanted to be a lamp stand.

Poems about squirrels that are allergic to nuts.

And your poems too.


So don’t forget to submit by November 3oth!

See you later, alligator!

After while, crocodile!

What’s the story, morning glory?

What’s the tale, nightingale?

What’s the poem,                 –dammit, what rhymes with poem?

The Artful Dodge Editors


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