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Ohio based literary magazine, now over twenty years old, still in print, and gradually spreading across the digital world. Official Website:

Artful Dodge Contributor Lynn Powell’s Award Winning Book To Be Published This Fall

Over the course of its 30 plus years of existence, Artful Dodge has been proud to feature a variety of writers, both emerging talents and seasoned professionals. One such writer is Lynn Powell, poet and creative writing professor at Oberlin … Continue reading

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A New Type of March Madness: Announcing Our Next Reading Period

Before the cruel mud of April, the Artful Dodge is falling down the rabbit hole–and hoping there’s plenty of great literature to land on. (Perhaps we’ll find ourselves delighted to land on yours especially). We will be accepting submissions from March … Continue reading

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The End is Near…

It is probably important now more than ever that we share each others’ stories, that we read each others’ poems. Unfortunately, in just a few weeks (on November 30th), we at Artful Dodge are going to have to close our current reading period. Continue reading

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The Divorcees

As I close out on this wonderfully wordy ride, I’d like to go back to where it all began for me. When I was a freshman, the first copy of the Dodge that I came in contact with was issue … Continue reading

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Now that I’m nearing the end of my summer literary adventures, I feel it is only right that I introduce you to another one of my small passions: mythology. To me, mythology is not just a set of fairy-tales imbued … Continue reading

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Trouble in the Neighborhood

Have you ever had a chill run down your spine? My mom tells me this happens when someone walks over your grave. As a kid, I never really understood the dynamics of someone walking over my plot of grass when … Continue reading

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Lucifer Unemployed

I wanted to spend today’s blog post talking about something slightly less emotionally charged. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like many of my recent posts feature writing that is kind of heavy. So, in order to keep my … Continue reading

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