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The Ghost of Lilly House Attic

  No places come without their ghosts. Lilly House, where the Artful Dodge office is stationed, is no exception, whether the ghosts are literal or metaphorical. This is most noticeable in the attic, a heavily cobwebbed space complete with crumbling … Continue reading

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Reflecting on My Own Introversion and “Solitude” by John Kooistra

As an introvert, I am familiar with the concept of solitude. My idea of the perfect Sunday is waking up late, going for a hike with my dog, working on my latest writing project, and curling up on the couch … Continue reading

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Rooms of Words

Having finally opened the main door to Lilly House, I found many other doors inside. There are rickety closet doors, new white bathroom doors, heavy locked oak doors, and mysterious attic doors, most of which I’ve taken the liberty of … Continue reading

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The Music Connection: Reflecting on “Self: A Musical” by Joel Lee

I do not consider myself a person who is overly inspired by music. I freeze up whenever someone asks me if I have a favorite band. My iTunes is filled with old songs that I purchased in middle school (every … Continue reading

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A Kafkian Door

Hello to all Artful Dodge readers and enthusiasts! It’s my first year in service of this literary magazine, and I have spent much time getting to know the ropes of its many workings. This summer, I’ve spent most of my … Continue reading

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Artful Dodge Editor Daniel Bourne Launches New Website

Our head editor, Daniel Bourne, has a new and improved website! The website features selections of his poetry, essays and translations. You will also find biographical information, news, and interviews with Daniel Bourne himself. A special page “Lost and Found … Continue reading

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New Skies Ahead: Announcing Our Next Reading Period

After a month that included a total solar eclipse and multiple meteor showers, what could be more exciting than the skies opening to reveal…. A new Artful Dodge reading period! Yes, this September we are getting out our telescopes and … Continue reading

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