Guidelines for Submissions

We are now accepting submissions through our online submissions manager, Submittable. You can submit here:

We are NO LONGER accepting hard copies of manuscripts via snail mail.

Some basic guidelines for submitting work to Artful Dodge are as follows:

Now accepting manuscripts via Submittable (a button with a link to our site sits below the search bar on the right); we gladly accept simultaneous submissions as long as we’re immediately notified if the work is accepted elsewhere. Please allow one week to six months for response; our staff is small, so do understand if we take a while to respond. Please send no more than 25 pages of prose or 6 poems, though long poems are encouraged. We’re also interested in contemporary literature in translation — from all over the globe. Translations should be submitted with original texts. Please indicate that you have copyright clearance and/or author permission when submitting works of translation.

What do we publish?

Right from the beginning, Artful Dodge has striven to expand the wide but not infinite boundaries of American literature. We have developed an ongoing interest in translation, especially from Eastern Europe and Third World, and have published well-received special sections on poetry from the Polish underground and the Middle East. One of our more recent issues, Artful Dodge 31/32, featured a section of poetry written and translated from the Native American Ahtna by John Smelcer accompanied by an eye-opening essay entitled “Poems from a Vanishing Language.”

Rather than looking at these other literatures as rare exotica, we recognize that American literature right now is particularly open to writing from other languages, to fresh air from mythologies beyond our huge but not infinite cultural and metaphorical borders. We are always on the look out for excellent translations of contemporary literature.

However, Artful Dodge‘s doors are open to much more than just translations or works rooted in foreign culture. What it boils down to is this: Artful Dodge has always been attracted to writing with a sense of place and looks for work that combines the aesthetic and the human in fresh, unexpected ways. However, don’t ask us what that statement means–all we can say is that the work we print shows awareness of the cultural landscape out of which it comes, the words and deeds of people, the language of the bus stop and bar. It involves an illumination of the particular and the concrete, and the transforming of this here-at-hand to the level of the permanent, the mythic. This can be accomplished in ways as diverse as William Carlos Williams’ wheelbarrows, Elizabeth Bishop’s maps, Langston Hughes’ rivers, or William S. Burroughs’ disrobed lunches. But some sort of interplay between focus and transcendence must be at work.

So, read Artful Dodge to get an idea of what we print. If you can’t afford a copy, then ask your local library to order a subscription–it might as well be Artful Dodge (or some other literary journal) sitting on those shelves instead of Fortune and Cosmo and Gourmet. And, after you’ve taken a look at the world around you, at the words surrounding you, take a deep breath and send us your work.

16 Responses to Guidelines for Submissions

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  2. Frank De Canio says:

    In 2012 I believe, no mail submissions will be accepted and now here on 2013 I hear that submissions should be sent mail. These directives are totally confusing.

    • Dear Frank,
      We apologize for the confusion. Artful Dodge had indeed been hesitant, for a long time, to accept electronic submissions due to the large volume of manuscripts it would bring us as well as the resulting delay in feedback it would cause for our expectant authors and poets. However, after much deliberation and consideration of factors such as physical storage space, manual archiving difficulties, and repeated requests from our readers and contributors, we decided to rise to the occasion, embrace the changing times, and set up an exclusively online submitting platform. We hope you are able to stay with us as we move forward. Please let us know if you have further queries or concerns!
      Warm regards,
      Ananya Shrestha
      Editorial Assistant.

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  4. mindy says:

    Since it’s winter, does this mean that the online submission manager is open, or is it still best to send manuscripts by physical mail?

    • Hi Mindy! Thank you for contacting us. We have had a minor setback so please feel free to mail your manuscript to Artful Dodge, The College of Wooster, 1189 Beall Avenue, Wooster, OH 44691. Online submissions via Submittable will be available within a few weeks!
      Warm regards,
      Ananya Shrestha
      Editorial Assistant.

  5. Jim Garber says:

    Where are your submission guidelines and how do you accept them?

  6. Daniel White says:

    Can’t see any way to submit anything. Moving on…

    • Hello Daniel,
      Please follow the instructions on our submissions page and send hard copy manuscripts to:
      Artful Dodge
      Daniel Bourne, Editor
      Department of English
      College of Wooster
      1189 Beall Ave
      Wooster, OH 44691
      We are experiencing delays in setting up our online submissions portal but it should be up by the summer.
      Thank you for your interest and support!
      Warm regards,
      Ananya Shrestha
      Editorial Assistant.

  7. Mark Hart says:

    I can’t find an email address anywhere to withdraw a poem, so I’ll put it here. My poem, “Apple,” from my submission has been placed elsewhere. Please respond to my email to let me know you received this.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Hi, do you accept international submissions for original poetry (not translations)?

  9. Satyananda Sarangi says:


    Greetings for the day!

    Quite interested in sending my work.

    Just wanted to know the answers to the queries below:
    1. Does Artful Dodge consider works of international poets?
    2. Are traditional/ formal poems considered?


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